40 Years of “Just out”

The Oneonta Tennis Club opened in December 1977.  Who would believe that we are still around! A lot of people who worked for Wilber Bank, Bresee’s Department store, Delaware & Hudson, Sissons, Soccer Hall of Fame, Konstanty, Dianna’s, Italian Kitchen, Oneonta Savings & Loan and many more departed businesses that played at our facility would have been very surprised that we could last longer then their employer. Times are changing and I do believe that in five years athletics as we see it now we will have less participants. Our younger generation is not interested anymore in sports. It has been ruined by the professional aspect of the game, the college awards, and the involvement of the parents.

In the long run we have to just play and forget what the end result is!

It stuns me to watch a football game and see how many fouls are committed. What would happen if there were no refs on the field. Would we be back in the Roman times and watch the gladiators kill each other. (I forgot they already doing that in ultimate fighting).

I just want to say Thanks to everybody who made my job enjoyable.

Paul van der Sommen

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