Rates (Legacy)

Oneonta Tennis Center is the only local indoor tennis facility and offers a variety of membership and rate plans to match your level of interest and budget.

Membership: (required)

$ 75 – one month

$ 200 – four months

$ 250 – one Year


Two ways to pay court costs

1)            Pay as you go

2)            All You Can Play (no court fees)

Court costs (pay as you go)

$ 30 or $40 per hour based on time of day *(discount time or regular time)

for doubles play that works out to $ 7.50 or $10 per person/hour.

All you Can Play pass (no court fees ever)

$ 225 – one month

$ 600 – four months

$ 1,000 – one Year


Couples/Family (C/F) receive a $100 discount on the second Four month membership or One year membership (4 month C/F $300, 1 year C/F $400)

Junior members (under 18) get a $100 discount on four month membership (they pay only $100) and one year membership (they pay only $150)

Summer – All active AYCP members enjoy free access to the clay courts and pool in addition to the indoor courts if their membership is active over the Summer.

During the Summer all court time is Discount time ($30/hr) Ends 9/1


Regular time Rate:  $40 Mon-Fri 4pm – 11pm, Sat-Sun 8am-2pm

Discount Time Rate: $30 Mon-Fri 8am-4pm, Sat-Sun after 2pm