Oneonta Tennis Club

2018 Winter Season

January 7 – May 5, 2018



As the end of the fall 2017 season approaches, I want to keep you up to date with our plans for the upcoming season.

First, please allow me to offer my thanks and gratitude to Paul Catan for leading the initiatives at the club during the fall season. I am pleased to announce that Paul will continue in this role during the winter season.

Our winter season will start Sunday, January 7. There will not be any rate changes. To join the club for the winter season, please send an e-mail to otcplaytennis@gmail.com. Upon receipt of your e-mail, we will send an invoice and membership registration form. Please complete the membership registration form and remit with your invoice payment.

The winter season is generally busier than the fall. I would recommend reserving a season contract if you are interested in ensuring availability for the same time each week.

It seems like just yesterday but in fact, it was 40 years ago this month that we played the very first tennis match at the Oneonta Tennis Club. Thanks to the support of our wonderful members, the club is still open for business! As many of you are aware, my family and I have moved to Florida, hence we have listed the club for sale. It is my hope that it will remain a tennis club, but there are many possibilities due to zoning. Please be assured that we will NOT sell it mid-season and we will alert our members well in advance.

I will be in Oneonta from December 7 – 15. I hope to see you then and, as always, I welcome any suggestions or comments you have.

Best wishes to you and yours for a happy holiday season.

Warmest regards,


Paul van der Sommen



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The Oneonta Tennis Club is a small privately owned tennis facility in the City of Oneonta. It provides the area with two indoor courts and two outdoor lighted clay courts with swimming pool in the summer. To play regularly at the facility you have to be a member. There are three membership’s seasons during the year; winter/spring, summer, and fall/winter. Each member season is four months long. Many programs are offered including lessons, leagues, contract time and regular play. The facility is open every day of the year from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. The facility is a self-service and members have a number key to the front door to unlock the facility and turn on and off the court lights (U-TENNIS)

Guests are allowed to play at the facility up to three times during the season. Guest fees and court fees apply.

Membership Registration Winter 2018