Oneonta Tennis Club


September 10 – January 6


As we are getting to the middle of the season and possibly fall weather there seems to be an interest by non-members to join us. We all would like to have more players in this club but we do not want to offend our existing members by giving a “deal” to the players who have not supported us from the beginning of the season.

We (Paul & Paul) have come up with the following packages available to non-members for this season and the following season. The first two packages are very fair and have no “late fees” or extra charges.

Players who would like to join this season and the following winter season, the price for an “All You Can Play Pass”, including membership is $875.

Non- “All You Can Play Pass” Players who would like to join this season and next season and pay before play, the total membership cost is $225. Court fees are $12 per hour per person for doubles and $24 per person per hour for singles

If you just want to join only for the remaining of this season the cost is $100 for the membership and $325 for the membership and the “All You Can Play Pass”


The Oneonta Tennis Club is a small privately owned tennis facility in the City of Oneonta. It provides the area with two indoor courts and two outdoor lighted clay courts with swimming pool in the summer. To play regularly at the facility you have to be a member. There are three membership’s seasons during the year; winter/spring, summer, and fall/winter. Each member season is four months long. Many programs are offered including lessons, leagues, contract time and regular play. The facility is open every day of the year from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. The facility is a self-service and members have a number key to the front door to unlock the facility and turn on and off the court lights (U-TENNIS)

Guests are allowed to play at the facility up to three times during the season. Guest fees and court fees apply.

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